Monday, 6 July 2015

GENERAL:Fun with Linux

So here's a common tutorial on how to SHUTDOWN any PC connected to you on your LAN network using LINUX based OS...

  • first you need to get the IP address of those machines ,, inorder to do so you can try ipneigh or arp on your terminal....
  • if that doesn't work you should can always try install nmap an applet application for broadcasting to all the IP's on a network , this will get you a list of IP's
  • so inorder to install nmap here's how its done
  • yum install nmap / apt-get nmap
  • nmap <IP> b
  • suppose <IP> = you should replace the digits with * (the more the * the more is the SCAN TIME) E.G.:- 192.168.*.* will get me a list of all the IP's starting from 192.168. 
  •  now try these again- ip neigh or arp on your terminal....
  • after this you can use various commands like init1,init2 .... , poweroff , reboot ..... along with ssh . 
  • command ssh <IP> poweroff this is supposed to shutdown the other PC , you can also use ssh root@<IP>command
that's all FOLKS

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