Wednesday, 10 June 2015

JAVA: String and String functions

just put in some string functions,,,,
interested juzz check it out ;)

JAVA: Program to find whether a number is prime or not (with gui)

i've put in a program to find whether a number is prime or not, also added in some GUI,
you can always use it as a simple program by un-commenting the few lines in the file :)

JAVA: Hello world and also dispaly the value of /n(enter) n /t(tab) button

just as the title says i've put the hashcode function 
nothin more than a basic program :)

JAVA: Exception handling

just a basic program to handle exception.....
division program that handles:-

  • divide by zero exception
  • n also invalid data type

JAVA: Employee

just a basic program for starters......
all it does is displays employee name ,salary ,age......


me ami belong to computer stream , often hear my teachers talking about taking important lectures(that i somehow n accidentally happen to skip) on algorithms , so here i am filling up on those missed lectures ;)

so getting back to the TOPIC

what's an algorithm ???

Lets say an algorithm is  any well-defined computational procedure that takes some value, or set of values, as input and produces some value, or set of values, as output.

so its just like those maths sums that we've been solving all our lives, 
those are just fool-proof steps that run around in a loop while the computer does the calculations.....
for example:- say a linear search ....
basically its the most basic and the simplest of all....
just to summarize :- we go through the values one-at-a-time in a linear way (be it ascending or descending-but mostly ascending)

say example we need to find number 6 from a given set of numbers(let the numbers be in an array) [8,1,4,9,4,8,7,2,4,2]
here we know each array has index starting from 0.....

             sysout->number present
           sysout->number not found

here the algo will start with a[0] i.e. 8 and keep on incrementing  itself till the end of that array...
output:- number not found 

i'll try to get back with more algorithms as i myself learn them, but as i dont happen to be a nerd this can supposedly take a long time , ask me about the #games and i'm there but these studies ,,, 
whuff - gimme a break :p