Monday, 6 July 2015

Top games 2K15


Batman: Arkham Knight :-

The final game in the Arkham series, Arkham Knight is the first new-gen game in Rocksteady’s incredible foray into the Batman universe. It’s also the first time you can drive the Batmobile. It looks amazing, and makes me want to play through all the Arkham games again ahead of time. 


  There aren’t many games on this list that pique my hype as much as Bloodbornethe spiritual successor to From Software’s Souls games. This time around, the game is set in a dark, Gothic world filled with shambling villagers and massive werewolves. The combat is fast and ferocious, and new gameplay elements such as randomly generated dungeons promise to greatly change up a familiar formula, while still keeping the same, distinctive sense of challenge and despair.



 Another Xbox One exclusive, I’m of the mind that you can’t really go wrong with Platinum Games, the developer responsible for games like Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. This time around, action-game master Hideki Kamiya brings us a game world populated by massive dragons, and a fighting game that sounds little like his previous work. After the brilliant Bayonetta 2 and charming Wonderful 101, hype is basically a Platinum Games default setting. Scalebound looks very cool. 







Heroes of the Storm:-

It wasn’t going to be long until Blizzard entered the MOBA fray, and Heroes of the Storm is their stab at taking on Dota and League of Legends. Yet this 5v5 arena game isn’t just another Dota clone. Instead Blizzard have made a game that is vastly more accessible than your regular MOBA, whilst still tightly holding on to the core characteristics of the genre such as complex heroes and memorising skill sets. 

Heroes of the storm

PL-1 : All practicals group assignments

PL-1 : All group assignments

DMSA : All units Notes

Data base management all UNITS

GENERAL:Fun with Linux

So here's a common tutorial on how to SHUTDOWN any PC connected to you on your LAN network using LINUX based OS...

  • first you need to get the IP address of those machines ,, inorder to do so you can try ipneigh or arp on your terminal....
  • if that doesn't work you should can always try install nmap an applet application for broadcasting to all the IP's on a network , this will get you a list of IP's
  • so inorder to install nmap here's how its done
  • yum install nmap / apt-get nmap
  • nmap <IP> b
  • suppose <IP> = you should replace the digits with * (the more the * the more is the SCAN TIME) E.G.:- 192.168.*.* will get me a list of all the IP's starting from 192.168. 
  •  now try these again- ip neigh or arp on your terminal....
  • after this you can use various commands like init1,init2 .... , poweroff , reboot ..... along with ssh . 
  • command ssh <IP> poweroff this is supposed to shutdown the other PC , you can also use ssh root@<IP>command
that's all FOLKS